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A South Korean buyer wanted to import huge quantity of Crude Oil from a supplier in Saudi Arabia where the supplier asked for a Bank Guarantee. The buyer's company instantly contacted us and we facilitated their Crude Oil deal by providing BG MT760 after they successfully obliged to BWT’s Terms.
A US based company successfully completed a profitable Sugar deal worth Dollars 5M, with a renowned Sugar (ICUMSA 45) supplier in Brazil with the help of a Letter of Comfort or Bank Comfort Letter (MT799) provided by Bronze Wing Trading LLC.
Performance Bond or Performance Guarantee by Bronze Wing Trading supported a South African Trader to complete their Urea deals with multiple buyers worldwide. Learn how South African Trader approached us and avail their required Performance Bond without blocking any cash funds.
A US buyer wanted to import Gold from Ghana but due to insufficient working capital they were unable to obtain a Standby LC from their local bank. They contacted BWT for help & we facilitated their Gold deal by providing Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC, MT760) in favor of their Ghana Seller.
A UK based organization had an end buyer who urgently required Steam Coal. The UK Company found a good supplier in Indonesia with competitive prices and struck a lucrative deal with them on payments terms by Standby Letter of Credit aka SBLC (MT760) with support of Bronze Wing Trading LLC.
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